Happy Customer – MiniMix Kids Designs

Being mum is just……….feeling very happy today, our business is going great and we have one very happy customer!

Me and mum set up MiniMix Kids Designs a couple of months back, basically it was my idea and with mum being made redundant we kind of thought why not!….. so basically  we have been designing gorgeous hand made blankets, cushions, curtains and loads of other bits and bob’s (well we think they are gorgeous anyway)

But i just had to share the pictures we received from one of our happy customers, she posted these on our Facebook Fan page. As a new company it’s great to get pictures and feed back. What do you think.

We have been selling a lot of these as they are custom made, personalised and we always get comments that there is nothing like this on the internet or in high streets…..! Be great to see what you all think? do you think we will make it in the baby blanket market ha!

One thing I’ve realised i need to start promoting my MiniMix Blog more and Website….Need to pull my finger out haha!


I shop at Aldi and Proud


Aldi (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Being Mum is Just…….a lifetime filled with frugality and food shopping! so i’m pleased to say I shop at Aldi and Proud and this is how it came about…..my point was proved to my boyfriend this week!

1. Its soooo much cheaper

2. The fruit and veg last sooo much longer

3. Things that cost me £1.60 in Tesco only cost me £0.98 Aldi – Same item!

4. No temptation to buy tops, little nick knacks or……my biggest weakness MAKE UP!

5. My Tesco shopping the week before (when having the boyfriend with me, our first every food shopping experience together and his bank card) totaled £60.00 – Aldi this week for the same stuff – £35.00

NOW I hate food shopping! I absolutely hate it. I hate walking past all the goodies i can’t afford, seeing all the different selections of sweeties and biscuits i can’t afford, walking past the clothes, TV’s, DVD’s, toys, stationary, kitchen appliances i just simply cannot afford! I think i hated food shopping when going to Tesco! It’s like the whole high street in one place! sells everything and anything…..If you want something now a days where do you look first, not Argos anymore – Tesco!

We needed a gazebo – Tesco’s

We needed a DVD player – Tesco’s!

Tesco’s is taking over the world and I hate it!

But i was speaking to my nan a few months ago, now she has the leisurely time to pick and chose where she shops, hunting out the deals, working out where is cheaper (she’s on a pension bless her) – so basically every Wednesday her and her boyfriend go to Lidle – fruit and veg – Sainsburys – Cakes and Sweets, Butchers for meat and do it that way! if i could do it this way i would but i don’t think my sanity and patience with Alfie could stand the test!

Now the biggest tip i could give is the butchers! When you go to Tesco – You know the 3 for £10.00 deal, i’m always looking for the good-looking bits of meat and most of the time its the two chicken breast fillets we buy in that deal! Now i went to the butchers down stairs and got really big healthy Chicken Fillets (2 packs with 4 Breast Fillets in each pack for £10.00) better quality, much bigger pieces, good-looking, finger licking chicken and the same price!!

And now onto Aldi!! I love Aldi! i literally get my biscuits, yogurts, Tin Veg, basic Pasta Sauces and much much more…I’ve even started buying Alfie’s Nappies from there and i think they are better than huggies to be honest! Alfie always leaked at night in huggies but the Aldi ones i never have a problem! go figure! So no temptation to buy a pair of knickers or make up…I have my list and stick to it and trust me i’m not panicking when i get to the tills either! Normally at Tesco’s i’m clocking up the amount in my head as i go around, get to £30.00 then just give up and think oh well…its going to be more like £50.00 any way! so going round Aldi’s is liberating, getting all my fruit, veg, bits for dinner, potatoes and comes to £30.00!

So Aldi please sell Maggie’s oh so juicy! i don’t want to betray you by going into to Tesco’s no longer!!!!!

So where do you shop? are you an Aldi Shopper and proud! LET GO OF THE STIGMA AND Give Aldi a try, I think you will be surprised.