Holiday Blues! Glad to be home!

English: On the Acropolis of Lindos, Island of...

English: On the Acropolis of Lindos, Island of Rhodes, Greece, the temple of Athena Lindia. Français : Sur l’acropole de Lindos, île de Rhodes, Grèce, le temple d’Athéna Lindia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Roof Top Garden Resturant

Roof Top Garden Restaurant in Lindos, Rhodes! gorgeous food and views!

Holiday Blues! but i’m very glad to be home!

Hi everyone……Well being mum is just……today! VERY TRIED AND EXHAUSTED! And do you know what I’m happy about it!

I haven’t been able to blog or had any internet for the last week as I was in the lovely Greek island of Rhodes in Lindos! Gorgeous place but my god my calf muscles have had some working….the brochure said our apartments were a short 10 minute walk to the beach and town! YEAH 10 MINUTES OF HARSH HILLS AND CLIFF EDGES! My legs were bloody killing after two days! The heat and sun beating down, walking up this killer of a hill was….welll… me, my body was in shock from how much exercise it was getting ha!



But being baby free for the week, drinking my weight in alcohol, lovely food and gorgeous sun made me realise how lucky I am and I missed my little man too much..! it was nice to get away, don’t get me wrong, I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t but it was such an awesome feeling seeing his little face smile, give me kisses and hugs when I first saw him…..5 minutes later – tantrum kicks in ha! Same ole Alf but to be honest, one thing made me realise last week…..I couldn’t live without him no matter how crazy he drives me! Before I left, the health visitor came round for his two and half check – we are being referred to the hospital for his behavioral problems now….My instincts always said something wasn’t right and his behavior is not the “normal terrible twos”..He is very extreme with tantrums that are lasting hours, not 10 – 15 minutes! So it’s great I’m being taken seriously now and not just me feeling like I’m the only one who can see something is not right!

We had a lovely relaxing week…..well sleeping, sun bathing, drinking and fine dining! Pretty much what we can do back home, except blazing sun…..donkey’s galore and cliff hills to work the sweat out of ya every day! HA!

But I’m glad to be home…….!

Me and Andy

Me and Andy in Lindos, Rhodes, Having a Night Out! 🙂



seaside – town – dumping – grounds

Being mum is just….Well today it’s a little lousy to be honest, I’ve had to fight Alfie every step of the way out this morning….From him having his breakfast – getting him dressed – his early morning burst of screams (5.20AM) – brushing his teeth, god that kid has been a complete nightmare! It’s like he woke up this morning and thought, “right! What can I do to wind my mummy up to the extreme on a Monday morning while she needs to get ready for work”

– So all this resulted in me having a mini break down on the way to work, oh and at work! YES THE TEARS OF A BROKEN MUMMY WERE FLOWING and now I feel like a complete dim wit and very embarrassed letting me work colleagues see the mental broken women inside me. Just to say normally I’m pretty good at putting a game face on, but the last straw came when Alfie started kicking the door to my car and taking 15 minutes to get him buckled in – because I didn’t let him open the gate, then arriving at my mums, the buggy wouldn’t steer properly in the hall so he decided to ram it into the wall and stamp on it, then hit me because he felt like it but the silver lining is, on days like today, I know I’m off on holiday in TWO WEEKS! So only TWO MORE WEEKS of Alfie-ness and his terrible ways, hitting, punching, biting…….! YEP HE’S STARTED BITING L then a week of bliss! Rhodes here we come….. Sun, Sea, Alcohol, Alcohol and NOOOOOO KIDS!!!!!!

Now don’t get me wrong if the kids were older we would be looking to take them abroad with us but ours are 2 ½ and Andy’s 3 ½. Now some mums may look at me and think I’m selfish but after the terrible year I’ve had so far I think I deserve it. Me and Andy work hard, our kids don’t go without, are well dressed and all we are getting in return at the moment is stress, tantrums (over the silliest things) day in and day out. So yep we decide to go abroad with two of our friends, mums having Alfie (good luck mum ;-)) and I’m going to relax and enjoy a week of me time! After my mini breakdown this morning when arriving at work….I think it is much needed!

But reading the Daily Mail today, you can tell why most people go abroad on holiday – I mean the heading the article says it all really and then you click to read and there’s a massive advert for British Airways and cheap flights, made me chuckle at the irony of it really…..!

We’re thinking of taking the kids to Butlins for a weekend in September which I’m pretty scared at the thought of, but like Andy keeps telling me……..ok I can’t remember as I just block it out when he says Kids, Weekend and holiday in one sentences but I can tell you one things for sure….we won’t be going anywhere named in these articles…..! So good one daily mail… have made everyone realise why we won’t be taking our families to the places in your article 🙂 and saved me the hassle of researching a nice place to go on our family weekend away! 🙂