Is fish a Meat?

Tuna salad

Tuna salad (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ok well Being Mum Is Just……Food for thought today…is fish a meat? ha! I mean seriously, IS FISH A MEAT??

Right, well how this came about was…..I was cooking dinner last night which consisted of Jacket Potato, salad, with Tuna / Mayo / Sweetcorn…..Lots of Salad, Yep Holiday booked for the 17th, need my arse a little less punchy!

Conversation between me and Andy (The boyfriend who i will force to marry me):

Me:  “hmmm yummy dinner, did you like it?”

Andy: “Yeah great Princess” (yep i love the princess added on, got some brownie points to cash in ha)

Me: “i don’t think it needed the Tuna / Sweetcorn as there was enough….!”

Andy: “yeah it did, i needed some meat!”

Me: “Fish is not a meat????”

Andy: “yeah it is…..!”

Ok so you can probably tell how this conversation went on…….!

So anyway, i’m google-ing it and checking this bit of trivia out, as you never know i could be on The Chase one day with Mark Labet (What ever his name is, the big, square guy) and this could come up! Could just imagine it now….

So anyway a quick search online…….!

SO BASICALLY WE WERE BOTH WRONG!! ha! can’t wait to fire this back to the man of my dreams and my lovely boyfriend AKA Andy the cocky, i’m right! your wrong! looking at me like i’m waiting for the special bus to pick me up boyfriend.