Would YOU pay not to sit next to a screaming baby on a flight?

Haha, this article made me laugh and angry at the same time…..! Having just come back from Rhodes on an aeroplane (yep we didn’t get a dingy back J) I suppose I have a slightly different view now as we had the screaming child every one dreads a few rows behind us!

Now as a mummy, I would have read this (before I went on holiday) and been outraged! I have been THAT MUM on the aeroplane with a crying baby, (GOD I’m THAT mum in the SHOPS) apologising repeatedly to everyone around me while getting flustered and hot trying to calm Alfie down! He was 3 months old and we were going to visit his dad in Spain so was travelling on my own.

But now I can understand why some people would prefer to pay extra to have that quiet and peace!

Ok so picture this….. parents going away without their kids: knowing they are THOSE parents who have had to experience flying with their own screaming child before! So would they pay? Me, personally YES I WOULD! Sorry if that sounds selfish but yes I can openly admit I would! As this is MY personal choice, I wouldn’t mind paying extra! I think all parents can admit while they sympathies with the child’s parents, they don’t want to hear someone else’s screaming child, if it’s not their own! come on…….deep down you know this is true 😉

BUT some of the comments really pissed me off to be honest, saying it should be the parents paying extra…….?????! WTF! At the end of the day, parents don’t have the option to travel on holiday during school term any more so already pay inflated prices just for the holiday and flights! You have to pay a FULL ADULT PRICE FOR a seat for your child who is 2 and over!! Full adult price!! Yes because they weigh as much as a bloody fully grown man and weigh the aeroplane down!

So all in all this article made me smile but AGAIN the comments of the arrogant, self serving British public made me angry!


Have a read and see the comments! disgusting, ignorant people!