Happy Customer – MiniMix Kids Designs

Being mum is just……….feeling very happy today, our business is going great and we have one very happy customer!

Me and mum set up MiniMix Kids Designs a couple of months back, basically it was my idea and with mum being made redundant we kind of thought why not!….. so basically  we have been designing gorgeous hand made blankets, cushions, curtains and loads of other bits and bob’s (well we think they are gorgeous anyway)

But i just had to share the pictures we received from one of our happy customers, she posted these on our Facebook Fan page. As a new company it’s great to get pictures and feed back. What do you think.

We have been selling a lot of these as they are custom made, personalised and we always get comments that there is nothing like this on the internet or in high streets…..! Be great to see what you all think? do you think we will make it in the baby blanket market ha!

One thing I’ve realised i need to start promoting my MiniMix Blog more and Website….Need to pull my finger out haha!


Awesome Today! my little man is home!

Ha i’m tooo happy today. Me and my mum drove to Liverpool yesterday and here’s how our journey went ha!

left work at 2.30pm! ran into my mummies and said “COME ON WE’RE OFF” mum’s reply….”OHHHH DONT YOU WANT A COFFEE, I DIDN’T REALISE THE TIME”!

MUM ITS A 2.5 HOUR DRIVE, Get your bum up now and moving haha! (I haven’t seen Alfie for two weeks!)

Right so we set off……drive drive along to the services before getting on the motorway for some travel sweeties – ok a peperami, Ham and Cheese Slice and a Sandwich, mum goes to pay…….Oppppps no bank card, she has left it in the co-op!! so straight onto google chrome! got to love the internet, two minutes later they have her card and off we went back to where we first started! ha!

Ok so its now 3.30pm by the time we leave Northampton…..off we trundle on the M6 – ohhhhhh crap! ACCIDENT! HOURS DELAY! yeah right more like two!! ohhhh and don’t you just hate it when the speed sign says 40 and your going stop start stop start and then clear road….(hope comes back…..) 2 seconds later the hope drains as you hit another part of phantom traffic!!

So basically got to Liverpool about 7.30pm!! EXHAUSTED! but it was sooooo worth it to see my little man’s smiling face when we got there! i don’t know how but within only TWO WEEKS he has grown up soooo much, talking more….(potty training went out the window according to his dad lol) so basically i thought i would be taking home a spoilt little monster who was potty trained but instead i took home a loving little boy plus a heavy nappy ha………

We left about 9 and didn’t get home until 12! KNACKERED AND THEN ALFIE WAS UP AT 7.00!! but never mind, i feel complete now i have my left limb back!

So today being mum is just AWESOME!!!!!

My Alfie xx