Would YOU pay not to sit next to a screaming baby on a flight?

Haha, this article made me laugh and angry at the same time…..! Having just come back from Rhodes on an aeroplane (yep we didn’t get a dingy back J) I suppose I have a slightly different view now as we had the screaming child every one dreads a few rows behind us!

Now as a mummy, I would have read this (before I went on holiday) and been outraged! I have been THAT MUM on the aeroplane with a crying baby, (GOD I’m THAT mum in the SHOPS) apologising repeatedly to everyone around me while getting flustered and hot trying to calm Alfie down! He was 3 months old and we were going to visit his dad in Spain so was travelling on my own.

But now I can understand why some people would prefer to pay extra to have that quiet and peace!

Ok so picture this….. parents going away without their kids: knowing they are THOSE parents who have had to experience flying with their own screaming child before! So would they pay? Me, personally YES I WOULD! Sorry if that sounds selfish but yes I can openly admit I would! As this is MY personal choice, I wouldn’t mind paying extra! I think all parents can admit while they sympathies with the child’s parents, they don’t want to hear someone else’s screaming child, if it’s not their own! come on…….deep down you know this is true 😉

BUT some of the comments really pissed me off to be honest, saying it should be the parents paying extra…….?????! WTF! At the end of the day, parents don’t have the option to travel on holiday during school term any more so already pay inflated prices just for the holiday and flights! You have to pay a FULL ADULT PRICE FOR a seat for your child who is 2 and over!! Full adult price!! Yes because they weigh as much as a bloody fully grown man and weigh the aeroplane down!

So all in all this article made me smile but AGAIN the comments of the arrogant, self serving British public made me angry!


Have a read and see the comments! disgusting, ignorant people!


seaside – town – dumping – grounds

Being mum is just….Well today it’s a little lousy to be honest, I’ve had to fight Alfie every step of the way out this morning….From him having his breakfast – getting him dressed – his early morning burst of screams (5.20AM) – brushing his teeth, god that kid has been a complete nightmare! It’s like he woke up this morning and thought, “right! What can I do to wind my mummy up to the extreme on a Monday morning while she needs to get ready for work”

– So all this resulted in me having a mini break down on the way to work, oh and at work! YES THE TEARS OF A BROKEN MUMMY WERE FLOWING and now I feel like a complete dim wit and very embarrassed letting me work colleagues see the mental broken women inside me. Just to say normally I’m pretty good at putting a game face on, but the last straw came when Alfie started kicking the door to my car and taking 15 minutes to get him buckled in – because I didn’t let him open the gate, then arriving at my mums, the buggy wouldn’t steer properly in the hall so he decided to ram it into the wall and stamp on it, then hit me because he felt like it but the silver lining is, on days like today, I know I’m off on holiday in TWO WEEKS! So only TWO MORE WEEKS of Alfie-ness and his terrible ways, hitting, punching, biting…….! YEP HE’S STARTED BITING L then a week of bliss! Rhodes here we come….. Sun, Sea, Alcohol, Alcohol and NOOOOOO KIDS!!!!!!

Now don’t get me wrong if the kids were older we would be looking to take them abroad with us but ours are 2 ½ and Andy’s 3 ½. Now some mums may look at me and think I’m selfish but after the terrible year I’ve had so far I think I deserve it. Me and Andy work hard, our kids don’t go without, are well dressed and all we are getting in return at the moment is stress, tantrums (over the silliest things) day in and day out. So yep we decide to go abroad with two of our friends, mums having Alfie (good luck mum ;-)) and I’m going to relax and enjoy a week of me time! After my mini breakdown this morning when arriving at work….I think it is much needed!

But reading the Daily Mail today, you can tell why most people go abroad on holiday – I mean the heading the article says it all really and then you click to read and there’s a massive advert for British Airways and cheap flights, made me chuckle at the irony of it really…..!


We’re thinking of taking the kids to Butlins for a weekend in September which I’m pretty scared at the thought of, but like Andy keeps telling me……..ok I can’t remember as I just block it out when he says Kids, Weekend and holiday in one sentences but I can tell you one things for sure….we won’t be going anywhere named in these articles…..! So good one daily mail…..you have made everyone realise why we won’t be taking our families to the places in your article 🙂 and saved me the hassle of researching a nice place to go on our family weekend away! 🙂



Park Lane Gypsies – Is this the start?

Being mum is just…..well terrifying at the moment. Please don’t judge me but I’ve just read up on the Park Lane Gypsies in the Daily Mail. Now i know i shouldn’t believe everything i read in the news paper but still….it is pretty worrying that Romanian gypsies have already started to form make shift camps….when our borders are going to be open to them in January (again Daily Mail reporting, yes I’m a daily mail addict ha)

Now don’t get me wrong i feel really really sorry for these people, i mean to live in a poverty-stricken country they must be desperate to come here and live in parks and fields in hope of a better life but now it’s a catch twenty-two!! The are begging, pick pocketing and stealing – bad for surrounding businesses, bad for people who have worked for their money and out shopping, I’d be gutted if i was pick pocketed….My Alfie’s Nan was just before they went to Spain! The money i had given her to get Alfie some bits was stolen out of her bag when she was pushing Alfie around the shopping center…..

One of the comments in the article really riled me up! “they are waiting for the authorities to get them jobs and houses to live in” my mind just goes to the people who were born here (doesn’t matter to me about nationality, race, religion because in my eyes if you was born here in England then you have a right to live and be happy here it’s not like you have chosen to come here! I’m sure babies didn’t come out the womb saying “oh mummy can we move please?” ) BUT there are homeless people, children living in poverty already living here as well. One minute the government is cutting back on tax credits and putting benefits cap in place but on the other hand opening our borders to more people who live in poverty-stricken countries….Fine if they can work and pay into the system to bring our country back to what it once was but there’s not enough jobs for those already here or housing!!!!

Being a working mum, going back to work when Alfie was 4 months old, paying into the system, trust me i could have more disposable income being a stay at home mum on benefits rather than working….so i chose to work, not for financial gain but because i wanted to, that’s the type of mum i am, those mums who stay at home, i admire you because i couldn’t do it! it’s a 24 hour job, at least i get a break for 5 hours from my constant leg huger, 🙂 I love my son but I’m not a stay at home kind of person…… that’s just me!

So yes I’m terrified for what the future holds for my baby living in this country and hence the reason his dad wants me to get him Spanish lessons when he’s properly talking so he can have more opportunities!

Another example is, i know a little boy who is four, started nursery and hated it, his mum couldn’t get him on the bus to nursery and he was having massive fits! she finally got him to calm down and sat with him at nursery to find that, out of the class of 25 only 3 toddlers could speak English fluently…. he was being left out and, not bullied, but the other kids didn’t know how to play with him properly because of the language barrier and more toddlers knowing their language than he did! just heart breaking!

it would be great to have your comments on this! I haven’t put any images in as I didn’t think this would be right.