Wellies and Shorts

Ok……Right….This is my day soooo far!

Alfie comes into Mummy at 6.00AM!!!!! why oh why!!!!! so being mum is just…..a sleepy tired mess today 🙂 same as every other day REALLY haha!

Right so my conversation with my lovely fella before bed last night…..

Me: if i’m up at 6, don’t expect me to stay awake later than 10 tonight!

Fella: but its Friday

Me: what! you going to get up with Alfie?

Fella: ha remember this statement “awww babe, i can lay in….i have no responsibilities” then finished it off with a little dance….!

Me: throws a pillow at his head…..the two fingers made an appearance ! yep i’m a silent finger one!! 🙂

Ok fair enough, i was a little over excited when i had no Alfie for a few weeks (just gone) and rubbed it in a little when we had my fella’s little man over the weekends

BUT DON’T HE UNDERSTAND!!!! that was then, this is NOW and i NEED SLEEP!!!!!

So anyway back to today! Got up with Alf and watched some ITV or whatever it is at that time! sewed some key rings for our craft fair coming up got about 4 done!! watched some interesting articles about teacher presents, yes will be blogging about that one later…..got the washing up done, put some washing on, managed to have time to moisturise my body after the shower (wow, normally i’m getting dressed WET)  so feeling pretty please with myself as normally i attempt the stupid idea that if i lay down and Alfie lays on the other sofa sorted with his nappy changed and juice bottle i might get 5 minutes of snooze time but obviously its a losing battle and we end up in a huff! ha!

but getting Alfie dressed!! ha!! well he’s going to be a style icon! wellies and shorts in 29 degrees! oh and his t-shirt says: Sorry Girls i “Heart” my mum…..well i’m sure that’s not going to be the case when he’s older…..!!

What was the point in upsetting him by putting his sandals on! Happy Alfie = Happy Mummy (with his sandals in his Nursery bag for the Childminder to put on him) ha! wicked glint in my eye! LOVE MY CHILDMINDER!

So yes loving the Wellies and Shorts combo

Wellies and ShortsWellies and Shorts

Selling these at craft shows

Selling these at craft shows


Tantrums to ignore or not to ignore?

But just to WARN YOU BEFORE READING!! IF YOUR CHILD IS PERFECT DON’T READ ha this will scare you into weeing your panties……!!

Ok today has been well like any other day really!!

ok well my lovely Alfie is two and half and the terrible twos kicked in around 18 MONTHS! yes 18 MONTHS and he is still hard at EVERY DAY, MORNING, NOON AND NIGHT!

Yes he has such a bad temper…..But only with me! what do i do wrong?? i ask myself every time, but the same answer pop’s into my head! YOU GAVE BIRTH TO HIM ha!! ok so do i deserve to be kicked, punched, screamed at, pinched, bitten near enough every day! i think NOT but he seems to think he can!

This morning it was all kicked off because i turned the sound down on the IPad….. then that was it! from 7am – 7.30am he screamed, kicked, punched and pinched me…I took the IPad off him (you know as you do to punish our sweet little cherubs) then took his dummy !! yep i use his bits as weapons as nothing else seems to work…. but today i did something VERY DIFFERENT, instead of the trying to put him on time out, him running off, me putting him back, same over 50 times! i ignored him when he was attacking me…...(i know seems crazy but seriously after a year of this, time outs don’t work any more, nothing works)

BUT he turned a corner…….!! whoop whoop 1-0 to mummy! ha!  Once he realised i was ignoring him thats when he wanted cuddles, kisses and Sowri Mummy, Sowri Mummy! me being too wound up by then, bruise on my arm…..replied ” Nope, mummy doesn’t talk to naughty boys” OK BIG BIG MISTAKE!! the screaming and kicking started again! so now i know to just ignore and when he says Sowri Mummy (as much as it kills me) ignore a little longer and when he’s calm start talking to him normally again!!

Alfie! be warned my gorgeous little boy! I’ve won the battle and will defo win the WAR! i’m refreshed and armed with my new tactic 😉

Ok so mummies, i’m talking to you now! the straight talking, will talk about the taboo subject and discuss with the world! it would be great if you could leave some links to any of your posts about terrible twos and how you tackle it! would be so refreshing to know its not only me! ha!!

Screaming Child 2

Will need to give this also a read! just added to see what the advice is haha!