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Being mum is just….Well today it’s a little lousy to be honest, I’ve had to fight Alfie every step of the way out this morning….From him having his breakfast – getting him dressed – his early morning burst of screams (5.20AM) – brushing his teeth, god that kid has been a complete nightmare! It’s like he woke up this morning and thought, “right! What can I do to wind my mummy up to the extreme on a Monday morning while she needs to get ready for work”

– So all this resulted in me having a mini break down on the way to work, oh and at work! YES THE TEARS OF A BROKEN MUMMY WERE FLOWING and now I feel like a complete dim wit and very embarrassed letting me work colleagues see the mental broken women inside me. Just to say normally I’m pretty good at putting a game face on, but the last straw came when Alfie started kicking the door to my car and taking 15 minutes to get him buckled in – because I didn’t let him open the gate, then arriving at my mums, the buggy wouldn’t steer properly in the hall so he decided to ram it into the wall and stamp on it, then hit me because he felt like it but the silver lining is, on days like today, I know I’m off on holiday in TWO WEEKS! So only TWO MORE WEEKS of Alfie-ness and his terrible ways, hitting, punching, biting…….! YEP HE’S STARTED BITING L then a week of bliss! Rhodes here we come….. Sun, Sea, Alcohol, Alcohol and NOOOOOO KIDS!!!!!!

Now don’t get me wrong if the kids were older we would be looking to take them abroad with us but ours are 2 ½ and Andy’s 3 ½. Now some mums may look at me and think I’m selfish but after the terrible year I’ve had so far I think I deserve it. Me and Andy work hard, our kids don’t go without, are well dressed and all we are getting in return at the moment is stress, tantrums (over the silliest things) day in and day out. So yep we decide to go abroad with two of our friends, mums having Alfie (good luck mum ;-)) and I’m going to relax and enjoy a week of me time! After my mini breakdown this morning when arriving at work….I think it is much needed!

But reading the Daily Mail today, you can tell why most people go abroad on holiday – I mean the heading the article says it all really and then you click to read and there’s a massive advert for British Airways and cheap flights, made me chuckle at the irony of it really…..!

We’re thinking of taking the kids to Butlins for a weekend in September which I’m pretty scared at the thought of, but like Andy keeps telling me……..ok I can’t remember as I just block it out when he says Kids, Weekend and holiday in one sentences but I can tell you one things for sure….we won’t be going anywhere named in these articles…..! So good one daily mail… have made everyone realise why we won’t be taking our families to the places in your article 🙂 and saved me the hassle of researching a nice place to go on our family weekend away! 🙂




Is fish a Meat?

Tuna salad

Tuna salad (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ok well Being Mum Is Just……Food for thought today…is fish a meat? ha! I mean seriously, IS FISH A MEAT??

Right, well how this came about was…..I was cooking dinner last night which consisted of Jacket Potato, salad, with Tuna / Mayo / Sweetcorn…..Lots of Salad, Yep Holiday booked for the 17th, need my arse a little less punchy!

Conversation between me and Andy (The boyfriend who i will force to marry me):

Me:  “hmmm yummy dinner, did you like it?”

Andy: “Yeah great Princess” (yep i love the princess added on, got some brownie points to cash in ha)

Me: “i don’t think it needed the Tuna / Sweetcorn as there was enough….!”

Andy: “yeah it did, i needed some meat!”

Me: “Fish is not a meat????”

Andy: “yeah it is…..!”

Ok so you can probably tell how this conversation went on…….!

So anyway, i’m google-ing it and checking this bit of trivia out, as you never know i could be on The Chase one day with Mark Labet (What ever his name is, the big, square guy) and this could come up! Could just imagine it now….

So anyway a quick search online…….!

SO BASICALLY WE WERE BOTH WRONG!! ha! can’t wait to fire this back to the man of my dreams and my lovely boyfriend AKA Andy the cocky, i’m right! your wrong! looking at me like i’m waiting for the special bus to pick me up boyfriend. 

I shop at Aldi and Proud


Aldi (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Being Mum is Just…….a lifetime filled with frugality and food shopping! so i’m pleased to say I shop at Aldi and Proud and this is how it came about… point was proved to my boyfriend this week!

1. Its soooo much cheaper

2. The fruit and veg last sooo much longer

3. Things that cost me £1.60 in Tesco only cost me £0.98 Aldi – Same item!

4. No temptation to buy tops, little nick knacks or……my biggest weakness MAKE UP!

5. My Tesco shopping the week before (when having the boyfriend with me, our first every food shopping experience together and his bank card) totaled £60.00 – Aldi this week for the same stuff – £35.00

NOW I hate food shopping! I absolutely hate it. I hate walking past all the goodies i can’t afford, seeing all the different selections of sweeties and biscuits i can’t afford, walking past the clothes, TV’s, DVD’s, toys, stationary, kitchen appliances i just simply cannot afford! I think i hated food shopping when going to Tesco! It’s like the whole high street in one place! sells everything and anything…..If you want something now a days where do you look first, not Argos anymore – Tesco!

We needed a gazebo – Tesco’s

We needed a DVD player – Tesco’s!

Tesco’s is taking over the world and I hate it!

But i was speaking to my nan a few months ago, now she has the leisurely time to pick and chose where she shops, hunting out the deals, working out where is cheaper (she’s on a pension bless her) – so basically every Wednesday her and her boyfriend go to Lidle – fruit and veg – Sainsburys – Cakes and Sweets, Butchers for meat and do it that way! if i could do it this way i would but i don’t think my sanity and patience with Alfie could stand the test!

Now the biggest tip i could give is the butchers! When you go to Tesco – You know the 3 for £10.00 deal, i’m always looking for the good-looking bits of meat and most of the time its the two chicken breast fillets we buy in that deal! Now i went to the butchers down stairs and got really big healthy Chicken Fillets (2 packs with 4 Breast Fillets in each pack for £10.00) better quality, much bigger pieces, good-looking, finger licking chicken and the same price!!

And now onto Aldi!! I love Aldi! i literally get my biscuits, yogurts, Tin Veg, basic Pasta Sauces and much much more…I’ve even started buying Alfie’s Nappies from there and i think they are better than huggies to be honest! Alfie always leaked at night in huggies but the Aldi ones i never have a problem! go figure! So no temptation to buy a pair of knickers or make up…I have my list and stick to it and trust me i’m not panicking when i get to the tills either! Normally at Tesco’s i’m clocking up the amount in my head as i go around, get to £30.00 then just give up and think oh well…its going to be more like £50.00 any way! so going round Aldi’s is liberating, getting all my fruit, veg, bits for dinner, potatoes and comes to £30.00!

So Aldi please sell Maggie’s oh so juicy! i don’t want to betray you by going into to Tesco’s no longer!!!!!

So where do you shop? are you an Aldi Shopper and proud! LET GO OF THE STIGMA AND Give Aldi a try, I think you will be surprised.

Saturday Fun – More Like Saturday bum!

Ok, i wrote a post on Saturday about my ambitions for the weekend! (WELL SATURDAY) called Saturday fun and i’m really ashamed to admit it, it went out the window, down the street, into a lamp post and crash landed in my nan’s bed! and turned into Saturday Bum.

I was just soooo tired – My Alfie has now taken to coming into my bed near enough every day between 5 and 6 AM (really! 5am HE IS CRAZY!) so basically my tactic has been to take him down stairs, set him up on the sofa, fresh nappy, warm milk and oh yes THE IPAD!!!! HE WORKS THAT THING LIKE ITS HIS LEFT ARM! it’s my savior! and try and get some extra zzzz’s in but I did try the “ill get up with him and do the house workey bits!” but to be honest, normally, i just grab a blanket and roll on the sofa with him!

Now i’m a massive sleeper, mum use to call me the horizontal queen and joked if i could take  my bed to work i would! so being woken up so early is starting to take effect, i’m a grouch bag in the mornings, and my boyfriend has now started calling me the one eye GROUCHY princess as i sort of walk around the house with one eye open in the mornings, growling as i go!

Well anyway…. I dropped Alfie off with his Auntie Alice and Uncle Warren Saturday morning, left after taking him to the park to get him warmed up, went home, made the boys breakfast (as in boys i mean, the boyfriend, his brother who came to stay for the weekend and my boyfriends little one)….got moaned at as my lovely boyfriends bacon was too anemic for him (well next time he can do it his blinking self) but then got a phone call off my mum to go round my nans (where she resides, no children and lay in’s, god i’m jealous)

so it was a choice between, getting in the shower, shaving the bikini line to go swimming with the three lads left in my life for the two days, to get tormented, splashed at, and attacked all afternoon or sneakily go to my mum’s and have a secret nap?

i’m sure you can guess what happened! so all in all, i caught up on some sleep (an awesome uninterrupted 3 hours in my Nan’s bed) BUT only to ruin it by going out Saturday night, drinking my weight in alcohol, ruining my gorgeous new shoes in the rain, having a stupid 2 hour sleep (yep Alfie’s early morning wake up calls have now programmed my body to wake up at 7.30am) and then suffering all day yesterday sitting in my boyfriends superman jog pants and his top on the air bed watching 5 films which was not the greatest way to spend my Alfie free time! but hey ho, it was worth it for the great night out we had! and Alfie came home 6pm, chilled and sleepy after a couple of long active days with Alice and Warren. He was settled by 7 🙂 They got some amazing pictures which i want to share once she has emailed them to me!

Awesome weekend, just not what i planned 🙂

Facebook V Blogging – Which do you prefer?

Being mum is just……all about my new obsession, Facebook V Blogging, I’m writing this but scheduling it for another day as i’m ranting about the Gypsies camped at Park Lane ha! just being honest!

Facebook v Blogging

Facebook V Blogging ……..It’s not like this is a hot topic of conversation or anything, just some inner thoughts i was having last night when i was having a little look on my news feed on Facebook and thinking, why do you need to tell everyone “it’s too hot”….next post “It’s too cold” because you’ve put the fan on….next post “turned fan off, now too hot” argghhhhhhh……ok i think i get the picture!

But i was thinking about this last night: Facebook V Blogging – Which do you prefer?

Me, personally i’m not a big Facebook fan to be honest. I never really post status updates like “just had a bath with nice soapy juice in it and candles” or “just cooked a lovely dinner” or “this person is a ****” so the usual comments you see from your friends or people who are on your friends list but you wouldn’t have a real conversation in the real world! I’m not really into that and that’s what i think I’ve become obsessed with the blogging world!

Don’t get me wrong, i’m just as nosy as everyone else and like looking at my news feed…. 🙂 i do like and comment on friends status that i actually see outside Facebook…..and who i’m good friends with that live in other parts of the county. I think it’s just my group of friends as well….We’re not really into the Facebook scene, we pick up our mobiles and press call or text!

So instead of posting on Facebook “ahhh i’ve just had a nice bath” (implying i don’t have on every night otherwise why would i be telling everyone about it!) 🙂 I’ve taken to blogging instead!

I’ve started blogging about the stuff that really matters to me….I’m enjoying getting followers who like what i say and reading other peoples stories and experiences! I JUST THINK PERSONALLY AS MUCH AS I WOULD LOVE TO TELL THE WORLD “I’M HAVING A CRAZY DAY” and “MY BOYFRIEND IS ANNOYING ME” then getting loads of comments like, “ohh really, what’s up?” yes like i’m going to post in public why my boyfriend is annoying me “oh just because Alfie peed on the carpet AGAIN!” I’d much rather write about a cluster of events as to why my boyfriend is annoying me, find other funny stories about the same topic and share those with blogging mummies!

But you never know, i might change my mind in a few months, as building my business has made me realise i need to use Facebook much much more…..So if anyone has any tips to get me using it again, very easily that would be great!

It would be great to know your thoughts? do you agree or not agree? that is the question….oh and sorry to you Facebookers who post those comments above, no offence meant 🙂

So Facebook V Blogging – I prefer Blogging at the moment! which do you prefer??  Please vote, and comment, would love to see the results!

Freaky Tarot Card Reading

Right today I’m freaking out a bit…..!

I had my tarot cards done a few months ago by a lovely lady who has been reading tarot cards for years, I’m a big believer in this sort of thing and the spirit world. I believe in spirits, ghosts and fortune telling and I’m Sure I’m bing haunted ha! Well I had my tarot cards read when I was 18 and a lot of what came out, came true so when my mum had hers done recently I jumped on the band wagon 🙂

Well anyway….. During my reading, my cards said…..

In the near future a doctor will be present at my nans house, she will either have a doctor come to her or she go to them, it will be because of a fall and she will have broken a bone!

Right so after my reading I’m straight at my nan saying take it easy, don’t do this, don’t do that! Well anyway my mum lives with my nan, I visit every day and she’s always around people so the thought went to he back of my brain….! She has never had a fall before:




Couldn’t believe it, mum was out shopping and my nan tripped over the rug hoovering and fell. She couldn’t get up for over an hour bless her, mum took her to the hospital, X-ray done, shows its too swollen to see much but they think she has fractured her wrist bone….. God love her.

Oh and my cards said I was going to have another baby!!?……..!! Ha ha (yep I’m very scared now) ha ha

So all in all a freaky tarot card reading, it comes true and now I’m re-checking my never having another baby plan!

So get well soon my nanny

Love you lots!

NAN’S garden

Ok my nanny is crazy crazy crazy ha ha but I love her too much lol. She does make me laugh. She lived in a flat for 20 years bless her on the top floor so basically she has never had a garden.

So when she was moved to sheltered accommodation she was on the ground floor and a lovely outside area….!!! Now she is obsessed !!

She has just got a bike with plants, hanging baskets, a wishing well, mere cats, a wire chicken, water fountain…..loads of flowers! Goes mental if Alfie tries to take the £1.00 character windmill things you get from Poundland ha bless her….. I have to watch alf like a hawk when he’s outside or just secretly replace bits and bobs ……

But the other day some one stole some garden bits out my nana’s front garden. She was really upset, it’s not about the cost of the bits, just the fact she is soooo proud of her garden and people think they can take and that’s ok….. Just rallies me up! She was on about calling the police because of it…. We did manage to stop her but I would love to catch who ever did it….. My nan being so kind hearted would probably forgive and let them keep them bless her….

I’m very close to my nanny, she’s my nanny and I’m round there all the time so god bless her


But what o you think of her garden? Can you spot the chicken ha xx