Transposition of the great arteries

Well being mum is just….. Today as I’m writing this post it’s emotional thinking about everything we have been through. As I’ve just started this blog I hope this helps other mummy and daddy’s who are unfortunate to be given the news that their lovely baby has a heart condition! I’m one of the lucky ones, my baby is a strapping little devil and has over come his rocky start in life amazingly. I’ve wrote all about what happened in my page Alfie my super star!

But I’ve found some links on his condition….. So for mums and dads to be who want to know more about this particular type of heart condition please click in the link. Over time ill be writing more about it and obviously will be posting blogs on our hospital appointments and everything.

So I hope you find these interesting and watch out for my other posts and for you to know….whatever life throws at you it makes you stronger and appreciate what life means.

explains the condition

I’ll add more links as I find them but for now peace out, everything is back to normal ha. Alfie clinging off my leg wanting me to play ha loving these times!