So, what does being two and a half mean exactly?

Awesome post about the terrible two’s! going through the same myself ha!

My Kid Rules... that's official!

Two and a half years our little lady Lily has been with us. Two and a half long eventful years, filled with as much misery as we have had joy!

Don’t get me wrong, it’s been wonderful (do you still go to heaven if you lie?) and having her in our lives has enriched it beyond words.

Oh, and if any of my family are reading this, don’t give me the, ‘I know what it’s really been like’, comments! We must pretend for Lily that it has been utterly wonderful.

Two and a half years……

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2 thoughts on “So, what does being two and a half mean exactly?

  1. lol i’m exactly the same, it’s easier to let him open the car with my keys, unlock it ect rather than me doing it (at a muuuuuch faster pace i might add) and having the tantrum of all tantrums outside the house at 9.00am and a fight to get him in the car! i sometimes think our neighbors must think i’m horrible to him the way he can just turn the screams and screeches on ha!

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