Saturday Fun – More Like Saturday bum!

Ok, i wrote a post on Saturday about my ambitions for the weekend! (WELL SATURDAY) called Saturday fun and i’m really ashamed to admit it, it went out the window, down the street, into a lamp post and crash landed in my nan’s bed! and turned into Saturday Bum.

I was just soooo tired – My Alfie has now taken to coming into my bed near enough every day between 5 and 6 AM (really! 5am HE IS CRAZY!) so basically my tactic has been to take him down stairs, set him up on the sofa, fresh nappy, warm milk and oh yes THE IPAD!!!! HE WORKS THAT THING LIKE ITS HIS LEFT ARM! it’s my savior! and try and get some extra zzzz’s in but I did try the “ill get up with him and do the house workey bits!” but to be honest, normally, i just grab a blanket and roll on the sofa with him!

Now i’m a massive sleeper, mum use to call me the horizontal queen and joked if i could take Β my bed to work i would! so being woken up so early is starting to take effect, i’m a grouch bag in the mornings, and my boyfriend has now started calling me the one eye GROUCHY princess as i sort of walk around the house with one eye open in the mornings, growling as i go!

Well anyway…. I dropped Alfie off with his Auntie Alice and Uncle Warren Saturday morning, left after taking him to the park to get him warmed up, went home, made the boys breakfast (as in boys i mean, the boyfriend, his brother who came to stay for the weekend and my boyfriends little one)….got moaned at as my lovely boyfriends bacon was too anemic for him (well next time he can do it his blinking self) but then got a phone call off my mum to go round my nans (where she resides, no children and lay in’s, god i’m jealous)

so it was a choice between, getting in the shower, shaving the bikini line to go swimming with the three lads left in my life for the two days, to get tormented, splashed at, and attacked all afternoon or sneakily go to my mum’s and have a secret nap?

i’m sure you can guess what happened! so all in all, i caught up on some sleep (an awesome uninterrupted 3 hours in my Nan’s bed) BUT only to ruin it by going out Saturday night, drinking my weight in alcohol, ruining my gorgeous new shoes in the rain, having a stupid 2 hour sleep (yep Alfie’s early morning wake up calls have now programmed my body to wake up at 7.30am) and then suffering all day yesterday sitting in my boyfriends superman jog pants and his top on the air bed watching 5 films which was not the greatest way to spend my Alfie free time! but hey ho, it was worth it for the great night out we had! and Alfie came home 6pm, chilled and sleepy after a couple of long active days with Alice and Warren. He was settled by 7 πŸ™‚ They got some amazing pictures which i want to share once she has emailed them to me!

Awesome weekend, just not what i planned πŸ™‚


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