Saturday Fun

Well today being mum is just…….having a break from my little man! and all about the Saturday fun!

His uncle and auntie are taking him to a swimming pool party! and attempting to have him over night again ha! This is going to be funny, as the last time my brother dropped him off after having him stay over night it looked like he was about to curl up and die! Alfie was a pain in the neck but hopefully, fingers crossed, wishing to god, he will be great! as if he is great! come on god please?! it means more babysitting from the uncle and auntie which is always a good thing right?! (when they have kids i will move to a different part of the country haha)

Now my brother’s girlfriend is awesome, she absolutely loves kids and offered to take Alfie to this pool party as she is also taking her niece…..Alfie loves her and she is soo nice, sweet and just awesome! great auntie material for my precious boy!

Now I’ve warned her:

1….. Alfie loves swimming – expect screams getting him out

2…..Alfie flaps when he runs – maybe be to just run after him

3…..GOOOOOOOD LUCK I’m going out for the night, Phone on Silent haha! only joking will have my phone if needed (but opps it’s expecting to have an accident on Saturday which means it will only work past 4pm on Sunday afternoon) 😉

he he!

Ha love this swimming cossy!

Ha love this swimming cossy!

So with Alfie sorted, a full 24 hours to myself – hmmm what to do??

As other parenting websites would say…..enjoy, go and have a picnic – I DO JUST WITH KIDS HANGING OFF MY LIMBS WHERES THE FUN GOING ON MY OWN, have a nice relaxing bath – EXCUSE ME, I BATH EVERY NIGHT, watch a soppy film -HA YES I’M SURE I’VE SEEN THE NOTEBOOK PLENTY OF TIMES WHEN KIDS ARE IN BED….so yeah yeah what ever….back to reality….I’m a working mum with a kiddie – i have washing, cleaning and crafting to do! so my plan is to…..

Make the kids toy box! i’m not sure if you have read my blog on the toy box i made for my old house

Link Below:

So now I’m going to make one for our play room conservatory! I’ve had the bits sitting there for a while now so just deciding on the theme and will get crafting!! 🙂

will post some pictures when it’s done! wish me luck 🙂


3 thoughts on “Saturday Fun

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    • Yes defo, it’s planned in my dairy ha! Part of my new organisation planning 🙂 i wrote a follow up to what happened on Saturday on another post lol didn’t turn out the way i hoped but never mind ha! xx

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