Facebook V Blogging – Which do you prefer?

Being mum is just……all about my new obsession, Facebook V Blogging, I’m writing this but scheduling it for another day as i’m ranting about the Gypsies camped at Park Lane ha! just being honest!

Facebook v Blogging

Facebook V Blogging ……..It’s not like this is a hot topic of conversation or anything, just some inner thoughts i was having last night when i was having a little look on my news feed on Facebook and thinking, why do you need to tell everyone “it’s too hot”….next post “It’s too cold” because you’ve put the fan on….next post “turned fan off, now too hot” argghhhhhhh……ok i think i get the picture!

But i was thinking about this last night: Facebook V Blogging – Which do you prefer?

Me, personally i’m not a big Facebook fan to be honest. I never really post status updates like “just had a bath with nice soapy juice in it and candles” or “just cooked a lovely dinner” or “this person is a ****” so the usual comments you see from your friends or people who are on your friends list but you wouldn’t have a real conversation in the real world! I’m not really into that and that’s what i think I’ve become obsessed with the blogging world!

Don’t get me wrong, i’m just as nosy as everyone else and like looking at my news feed…. ๐Ÿ™‚ i do like and comment on friends status that i actually see outside Facebook…..and who i’m good friends with that live in other parts of the county. I think it’s just my group of friends as well….We’re not really into the Facebook scene, we pick up our mobiles and press call or text!

So instead of posting on Facebook “ahhh i’ve just had a nice bath” (implying i don’t have on every night otherwise why would i be telling everyone about it!) ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve taken to blogging instead!

I’ve started blogging about the stuff that really matters to me….I’m enjoying getting followers who like what i say and reading other peoples stories and experiences! I JUST THINK PERSONALLY AS MUCH AS I WOULD LOVE TO TELL THE WORLD “I’M HAVING A CRAZY DAY” and “MY BOYFRIEND IS ANNOYING ME” then getting loads of comments like, “ohh really, what’s up?” yes like i’m going to post in public why my boyfriend is annoying me “oh just because Alfie peed on the carpet AGAIN!” I’d much rather write about a cluster of events as to why my boyfriend is annoying me, find other funny stories about the same topic and share those with blogging mummies!

But you never know, i might change my mind in a few months, as building my business has made me realise i need to use Facebook much much more…..So if anyone has any tips to get me using it again, very easily that would be great!

It would be great to know your thoughts? do you agree or not agree? that is the question….oh and sorry to you Facebookers who post those comments above, no offence meant ๐Ÿ™‚

So Facebook V Blogging – I prefer Blogging at the moment! which do you prefer?? ย Please vote, and comment, would love to see the results!


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