Freaky Tarot Card Reading

Right today I’m freaking out a bit…..!

I had my tarot cards done a few months ago by a lovely lady who has been reading tarot cards for years, I’m a big believer in this sort of thing and the spirit world. I believe in spirits, ghosts and fortune telling and I’m Sure I’m bing haunted ha! Well I had my tarot cards read when I was 18 and a lot of what came out, came true so when my mum had hers done recently I jumped on the band wagon 🙂

Well anyway….. During my reading, my cards said…..

In the near future a doctor will be present at my nans house, she will either have a doctor come to her or she go to them, it will be because of a fall and she will have broken a bone!

Right so after my reading I’m straight at my nan saying take it easy, don’t do this, don’t do that! Well anyway my mum lives with my nan, I visit every day and she’s always around people so the thought went to he back of my brain….! She has never had a fall before:




Couldn’t believe it, mum was out shopping and my nan tripped over the rug hoovering and fell. She couldn’t get up for over an hour bless her, mum took her to the hospital, X-ray done, shows its too swollen to see much but they think she has fractured her wrist bone….. God love her.

Oh and my cards said I was going to have another baby!!?……..!! Ha ha (yep I’m very scared now) ha ha

So all in all a freaky tarot card reading, it comes true and now I’m re-checking my never having another baby plan!

So get well soon my nanny

Love you lots!


3 thoughts on “Freaky Tarot Card Reading

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    • Yeah she’s ok….Still a little shaken up…but on the mend! it was soo strange as i caught up with a friend i hadn’t seen for a while, she told me about a reading she had as she has just left her husband and how the women knew stuff she couldn’t have!….the freaky thing was, i asked her where she had it done and it was with the same lady as me!! couldn’t believe it!

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