NAN’S garden

Ok my nanny is crazy crazy crazy ha ha but I love her too much lol. She does make me laugh. She lived in a flat for 20 years bless her on the top floor so basically she has never had a garden.

So when she was moved to sheltered accommodation she was on the ground floor and a lovely outside area….!!! Now she is obsessed !!

She has just got a bike with plants, hanging baskets, a wishing well, mere cats, a wire chicken, water fountain…..loads of flowers! Goes mental if Alfie tries to take the £1.00 character windmill things you get from Poundland ha bless her….. I have to watch alf like a hawk when he’s outside or just secretly replace bits and bobs ……

But the other day some one stole some garden bits out my nana’s front garden. She was really upset, it’s not about the cost of the bits, just the fact she is soooo proud of her garden and people think they can take and that’s ok….. Just rallies me up! She was on about calling the police because of it…. We did manage to stop her but I would love to catch who ever did it….. My nan being so kind hearted would probably forgive and let them keep them bless her….

I’m very close to my nanny, she’s my nanny and I’m round there all the time so god bless her


But what o you think of her garden? Can you spot the chicken ha xx


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