Today Being Mum Is Just….Fantastic!

Hi and welcome to Being Mum is Just……

This blog is all about being mum…..

Well today being mum is just fantastic! my little boy has been to his daddy’s all week in Spain and then was at his Nan’s in Liverpool for a week previous to that to settle him in before he went! and now i’m doing to lovely 2.5 hour drive to collect him! ONLY SEEN PICTURES AND A BRIEF SKYPE CALL FOR OVER TWO WEEKS NOW! can’t wait to get him him haha

By the weekend i’ll be ripping my hair out and shouting please go back to your nanny’s ha!

He’s going to come home a spoiled little brat i think….this is what usually happens as i’m the punisher and his dad is the great one! yes love being a mummy hahahaha! and today i JUST REALLY CAN’T WAIT TO GET HIM!!

Love the crazy mummy!



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