Insurers black box scheme! WHAT A LOAD OF

Being mum is just…….Well today frustrating…. I read an article in the daily mirror the other day about the teenagers who died because they were rushing home to meet their insurers curfew……through the black box scheme for young drivers!

I’m soooo disgusted by this….At the end of the day my view is I’m the one who should be putting a curfew in place for my child… 18 he can do what he likes. Apparently they reported in the daily mail the fine for being late is £100 whereas they only charge a % if they drive over the speed limit! What does that tell you….

Insurers know they can get more money by the driver being late as they know teenagers are more prone to it. I don’t think there should be a curfew as what if my son wanted to go away for the weekend! HE WOULD HAVE TO INFORM HIS INSURER WHICH IS SOOOO STUPID, WHY SHOULD HE HAVE TO DO THAT AND WHAT IF THEY SAY HE COULDN’T! Why should they dictate where my son goes!

My son is only three and I worry about what his life will be like in this big brother britian, every move being watched. I’m all for the speed charge as teenagers should drive at the limit but forcing a curfew COME ON how bloody stupid! Now the insurer has two deaths on his hands…..would be great to see what other mum’s views are on this!


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