All in one swimsuit for my son or just normal swimming shorts

Ok would love some mum’s views on this…..

My son recently went to Spain to see his daddy with his nanny. Before he went i brought him an all in one swimming costume…with two things in mind. The kind of people watching him (the ones you read about all the time, hell no do i want someone looking at my little boy so better keep him covered up) and also i didn’t want him to get burned by the sun! very hot over in Spain at the moment…..

Me and his dad kept in contact via WhatsAp which is what we usually do and he said he couldn’t get Alf to put it on! well that does sound like my Alfie to be honest……So anyway am i wrong by being a little annoyed by this! He’s only seening his dad a couple of times of year so i’m his main carer and i think, i think more about the disgusting people lining the beaches abroad! OBVIOUSLY NOT ALL, BUT YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN!

I do love his swim suit i got him though ha!

Anyway any thoughts on this would be great weather you agree or disagree as i don’t think i’m being single minded!!


Ha love this swimming cossy!

Ha love this swimming cossy!


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